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Welcome to our Class of 2019!

Our third class—23 exceptional IFC-Milken Institute Fellows from 17 countries—has now arrived in Washington D.C.! 

The Class of 2019 is beginning coursework at the George Washington University, matched with a weekly IFC-Milken Institute Speaker Series with practitioners, and with a set of regulatory modules hosted at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Next spring, they will then undertake work placements with a wide range of U.S. financial-market actors. 


+ Why do we need capital markets in developing and emerging economies?

Local businesses need access to financing to grow, households need additional outlets for savings, and capital markets strengthen the overall macroeconomic environment while making large-scale investments possible in critical areas such as infrastructure.

+ What is one of the biggest obstacles to advancing capital-market development?

Robust capital markets require sufficient human capital in critical roles, such as legislators, regulators, public-sector managers, and other policymakers, as well as market intermediaries and other private-sector actors. In many countries, insufficient human capital in these areas remains the biggest obstacle to further capital-market development.

+ How can the human capital gap be addressed?

To meet this need, IFC and the Milken Institute have partnered with The George Washington University to build a deep network of trained capital-market experts, equipped with the analytical tools and real-world experience to support capital-market development and economic growth in their home countries and across borders.


Tackle the complexity of today's capital markets
Gain cutting-edge analytical and statistical tools through tailored classroom learning at The George Washington University

Bridge the gap between theory and practice
Learn from decades of private investment in developing and emerging economies through analysis of IFC's proprietary case studies

Enhance responsiveness of policy to private-sector needs
Gain hands-on placement experience and private-sector insights from the Milken Institute's wide network of collaborators

Use capital markets for the development of your region
Join a lasting cohort of capital-market leaders who can make a difference across country borders